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From an island rich in heritage and spices, we bring you the best that the paradise isle has to offer.


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True Ceylon Cinnamon

From an island rich in heritage and spices, we bring you the best that the paradise isle has to offer.


Welcome to OnePlanetWhere quality and authenticity reign supreme

Sri Lanka is a land like no other, rich in heritage, culture and the best spices around. It is home to what many call “True Cinnamon” which is free of Coumarin and is considered to be superior in quality over the more common varieties of cinnamon.

We, at OnePlanet are committed in taking the best natural spices that our island has to offer and bring them the recognition they deserve on a local and global stage while enriching our farmers lives, uplifting our industry and our economy.

Our Corporate Social ResponsibilityMaking the world a better place

We at OnePlanet strive to create livelihood opportunities for many small scale entrepreneurs and cinnamon farmers in our region. We strongly believe in creating value for our stakeholders in a sustainable and socially responsible manner.

As a business with long term goals, our sustainability depends on the well being of our society, environment and the economy. We target our efforts toward empowering our value chain and the locals as a community-focused organization to enable our society to rise together as one.

OnePlanet adheres to these 3 basic principles to ensure that our products
are produced in a natural, safe and responsible manner.


All our products are sourced from farmers who practice organic farming methods to ensure that our brand supports those who harvest their produce safely and responsibly.


Our employees, farmers and associates are treated in a fair and moralistic manner that drives us forward while benefiting both parties in an equal manner.


Sustainability plays a big role within our circle, we strive to ensure complete organic compliance with our farmers in order to preserve the environment for generations to come.

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